We connect XR enthusiasts from Kiel and Northern Germany with the Baltic Region

We want to set sails together with you and explore the infinite possibilities of the Baltic XR OCEAN – we do not see ourselves as captains but as part of the crew: We want to connect with you and learn together with and from you; in workshops, prototyping sessions, hackathons and regular meetups. Join us and DIVE DEEP INTO THE XR OCEAN

Why XR?

Extended Reality is the umbrella term for Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality.


We are convinced that XR will ring in a new technological and digital revolution. In futue it will be a key element of everydays life, such as our smartphones.


In the first hand seen as a new Gaming Tool, XR is finding its way more and more in new fields – like in Healthcare as part of trauma therapy and as support for pain reduction, in Sports for studying strategies and as a support for rehabilitation, and in Education as a tool to strengthen cognitive potencials and as a tool for “Training on the Job” in hightechnological or dangerous areas.


We want to network in a business cluster together with you. We want to connect established corporations as well as Start Ups with you and talk about the  newest XR trends and topics. The goal is to not only to lift up the potencial of XR, but to elevate it with all actors and to establish a digital junction in Northern Germany.  It shall not only connect you in a vivid associaction, but also link you with a variety of institutions in the Baltic Area.

Additionally in future we are establishing a public accessible room in Kiels city centre in which we will make it possible for everyone to experience XR. This will happen in small workshops and presentations.

Who we are

XR OCEAN is a non-profit project initiated by FLEET7, Kieler Nachrichten and holoNative. 


Kiels largest coworking space with  over 100 community members. We are in the FLEET7 and thanks to their facilities we can organize here a variety of events.



VR ROOM – coming soon!

If you would like to try out XR technology and prototype on projects by yourself, you can rent our Lighthouse for a small contribution. 


holoNative is a creative XR agency situated in Kiel. They are experts in designing and developing Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences and applications. They support XR OCEAN with their know-how.

Get to know us

Olaf Krużycki

Kieler Nachrichten / FLEET7

Colin Kavanagh


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Dennis Przytarski


Marie Kristen


Benedikt Breitkopf


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Michael Dolz

KielHöfe / FLEET7

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Alexander Sonders

KielHöfe / FLEET7

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